Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top five most interesting things that happened to me today (in no order):

1 - On the bus home, the guy sitting across the aisle from me had a really obvious boner the whole bus-trip.
2 - At work experience (yes, new place today), I spent nearly two hours filing invoices - my OCD organised neat freak alter-ego took over and I loved it.
3 - I met the most appealing man in the world.
4 - I discovered a love for dragon eye tea - virtually no caffeine, a lot more antioxidants than normal tea = mega-healthy.
5 - Had a photo idea (not that it'll ever work out how I imagine it) but it's of a person, sort of leaning over, maybe into a toilet, and is either making a face as if they're throwing up or putting their hand in their mouth to make themselves throw up. But you know, not actually vomitinig. then in photoshop i wanna photoshop words to be coming out of their mouth. Get it? Word vomit? It's pretty lame.

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