Saturday, August 15, 2009


001: the 'I love' game
002: Say Anything
003: Maxim Adam Bemis
004: movies that're so stupid they're funny (i.e. Billy Maddison, Dud Where's My Car)
005: being up early enough to watch the sun rise
006: breakfast pizza
007: wierd food combinations that're actually really good
008: Asian photobooths
009: good hair days
010: getting to the bus stop/train station just as the bus/train does
011: walking on the beach at night
012: the night sky (especially in the country)
013: all-nighters
014: late night/early morning d&ms
015: cloudy weather, English weather
016: Noel Fielding's accent
017: Noel Fielding's everything
018: 11:11
019: live music
020: second-hand bookshops
021: Melbourne
022: opp-shops
023: the Number 23 (movie)
024: road trips
025: people who genuinnely don't give a shit about their appearance
027: perfecting songs on the piano
028: the first five seconds of The Word You Wield by Say Anything
029: my cat Hamish
030: the episode of The Mighty Boosh where they're stuck on a desert island with their coconut girlfriends
031: Ikea
032: coffee
033: croissants
034: the lemon meringue pies that my Mum sometimes makes
035: the apple pies my Nan sometimes makes
036: having smooth legs
037: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
038: Canon things
039: my Canon EOS 500 film camera
040: the anticipation of waiting for film to be developed
041: combatting fears
042: Polaroid things
043: thinking about my plans to live in England/Europe as soon as I have the money
044: double German every second Thursday
045: the thought that I have my whole life ahead of me
046: meaningful lyrics
047: random compliments
048: sincerity
049: being happy for no reason
050: the smell of hair dye
051: hair dye that comes with proper rubber gloves, not the shitty ones
052: Ordinary People by Judith Guest
053: being proactive
054: being organised
055: making a good first impression
056: guys that smell like Hugo Boss
057: kissing people with cigarette breah
058: noisy kisses
059: minimalist writing
060: red headed, pale, freckly, skinny, green eyed girls with hair that goes down to the small of their back
061: Sean Hughes
062: Ben Elton
063: celebrities who actually have something to say
064: day time TV
065: late night TV
066: Skins
067: Chris Miles' general outlook on life
068: tuna salad sushi
069: innuendos and insinuation
070: China town
071: Hong Fat BBQ
072: having wierd, elaborate dreams
073: my diary
074: randomly running into people you've been meaning to catch up with
075: changes of plans - for the bette r
076: the atmosphere at the Royal Adelaide Show
077: counting down the days until I go to Hamburg for 10 weeks
078: Ocean Grove
079: being alone sometimes
080: Frankie magazine
081: Hudsons
082: being missed by people
083: feeling wanted
084: feeling accepted
085: incense
086: the pretty parts of the Torrens - near the zoo etc
087: listening Robbie, Mareke and the Doctor while I get ready for school
088: Lindsay "the Doctor" McDougall
089: JJJTV
090: Sam Simmon's Shitty Trivia
091: Scott "Dools" Dooley
092: English culture
093: English boys
094: Harry Potter - the movies
095: Harry Potter - the books
096: Harry Potter - the character
097: awkward moments - that i'm not responsible for
098: awkward gaps in conversation - that i'm not responsible for
099: leaving school after the last day of the term/year
100: English slang
101: lying in bed listening to rain
102: white hot chocolate
103: tapirs
104: coffeeshops
105: when you get to the pedestrian crossing just as it goes green
106: well-dressed Asians
107: grey old days
108: rugging up
109: the number 9
110: going to live music and feeling the vibrations of the speakers as if the music's going straight through you
111: going to live music and having hot sweaty bodies pressed against you from every angle and you feel one with the crowd
112: getting things in the mail
113: secretly loving movies like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
114: standing up for the things I believe in
115: having morals and sticking to them
116: up-beat music
117: getting up when I'm ready to / waking up in my own time
118: having unlimited SMS's
119: memory lane
120: popcorn chicken
121: lying in bed awake at night, focusing on the music i'm listening to
122: having a good cry sometimes. letting it all out
123: the really old Looney Tunes cartoons
124: the concept of infinity
125: wondering what people on the other side of the world are doing right now
126: when things just, fall into place nicely
127: collapsing into bed after a long day
128: retail therapy
129: inside jokes
130: taking inside jokes too far
131: laughing until my cheeks are sore
132: waking up happy
133: falling asleep happy
134: all the video games I used to play
135: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets video game
136: The Sims 2
137: my favourite jeans
138: my favourite hoodie
139: my denim jacket
140: Julian Casablancas
141: having a shoulder to cry on
142: escapism
143: getting really into whatever book or movie I'm reading/watching
144: Georgia's grandparents house
145: Georgia's grandpartents granny flat
146: the house I stayed in in Robe
147: the house I stayed in in Kangaroo Island
148: Sailor Moon
149: theme songs from old shows like Sailor Moon and Captain Planet
150: trying to lucid dream
151: chocolate covered coffee beans
152: going to bed in a clean bedroom
153: finding cool stuff when you're cleaning your room
154: cooking dinner
155: cooking, in general
156: doing what I want, when I want
157: Daisy by Marc Jacobs
158: With Love by Hiary Duff
159: all Britney Spear's perfume
160: when you're tossing up whether or not you can be bothered taking your makeup off before bed, but you do and afterwards looking at the face-wipe and thinking 'Fuck, I nearly went to bed with that all over my face'
161: sleazy pick-up lines
162: random useless facts
163: the word 'diminutive'
164: the word 'prerequisite'
165: the word 'facade'
166: the name Oliver
167: the name Olivia
168: the name Declan
169: chihuahuas
170: Daria (the TV show)
171: just hanging out in my bedroom
172: movies with Zooey Deschanel in them
173: movies with Zach Braff in them
174: Scrubs
175: the janitor in Scrubs
176: plaid
177: rare moments when I'm actually happy with the person I am
178: Mr Bax (year 9 art teacher)
179: Mr Vickery (year 11 aus studies teacher)
180: Mr Sharp (year 10/11 german teacher)
181: sitting by the heater/fire
182: roasting marshmellows
183: ghost stories
184: having good ideas
185: when you spend ages trying to understand something, and then all of a sudden it finally makes sense
186: feeling one with everything
187: I Like Giants - Kimya Dawson
188: just spending time with my best friend
189: talking to him about what our appartment's gonna be like
190: naturally beautiful girls
191: green eyes
192: kissing people with lip-rings
193: creativity
194: Long Way Round
195: Long Way Down
196: that I have the ability to quietly slip into the background
197: catchy songs
198: actually going through with my crazy ideas
199: Luke Pritchard
200: John Lennon's message to the world
201: people with enough will-power to do the 365 Project on Flickr
202: Dove Body Silk mousturiser
203: Garnier Fructis everything
204: when you don't expect someone to know what you're talking about but htey do
205: Conor Oberst
206: the beauty spot on my stomach
207: Hey Arnold!
208: predicting what song's gonna come on next - and then being right
209: sleepovers
210: sitting in the sun
211: being called 'bub'
212: considerate people
213: Max Bemis' mannerisms
214: the way he sort of, pauses and shakes his head a little bit
215: Naboo
216: iPod solitaire
217: crazy American reality shows
218: being a little bit tipsy
219: obscure cultural references
220: being in a good moood just because
221: remembering something that you've been trying to remember for ages
222: seeing a movie/hearing a song that you heard ages ago but haven't been able to remember the name of
223: siamese cats
224: ugly dogs
225: everything else

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