Friday, June 19, 2009

i'm so stupid today

I keep writing things like these
"is also shown in A Walk Through Hell, throw lyrics such as"
One of the most noticeable similarities between the two texts is the theme, storylines, themes and storylines."
I give up, I'm so distracted. *puts the kettle on*

Yeah anyway in other news, Georgia invited me back to Geelong! I went there with her last october with her and jacquie. we stayed in a granny flat for about ten days, which were seriously probably some of the ten best days of my life. I couldn't even explain to you why they were so good. I could tell you everything that happened there, but it'd probably be monotonous for you to read, but i dunno. Nothing could touch us. So i'm so glad to go back there, although this time it's with georgia and elly. Nah that's a good thing, I wanted to get to know Elly better anyway :) I'm so excited. My only problem is that i've started worrying that our plane'll crash, or that this time around my expectations'll be too high. But while we're there it's mine and Elly's birthdays two days apart, so party artyyyy.
Um alsooooo, today's my last day off of school because of swine flu :( not looking forward to monday, apparently there's only about a dozen year elevens that didn't show up today, haha oops.

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