Sunday, June 28, 2009

this weekend

subway, transformers, new people, inside jokes, singing alive with the glory of love at the top of my lungs, finishing the book we're reading in english, reading my favourite book, talking to my brother, losing my eyeliner, pissing off georgias sister, fitting eight teenage girls into one car, confusing hungry jacks drive-through employees, cherry coke, hawaiin pizza all over the back seat, lots of gossip girl, chocolate fountain, more inside jokes, attempting to stay awake until the sun rise, phone alarms, waiting for public transport, seeing will, rundle street, torrens, king william street, home, dinner, blogging.
i'm so happy :)
work experience tomorrow. i'm going to some advertising agency or somethinggg. it'll be good but bad, good because it's an amazing place bad because i'm so painfully shy around new people.

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