Friday, June 26, 2009

transformers breakdown.

not really, to be honest i'm too tired, i was 'resting my eyes' in the cinema tonight, and i actually fell asleep watching a movie in aus studies the other day. last day of my first semester of year eleven today, so glad i don't have any school for the next three weeks, i reeally need the break, i've pretty much been studying my ass off for the last ten weeks and it took a lot out of me. at least now i'll be able to answer all your questions about the civil rights movement (history), of mice and men (english), how to speak german (...german), studio portraiture (photography), or gallipoli (aus studies).
notice how i intentionally left out maths of the list of things i know stuff about.
yessss i think i'm over-tired *stays up*
fucking hell, i'm meant to be talking about transformers.
well, eh, *shrugs*, maybe i would've liked it more if i had less oestrogen and more testosterone. it was basically 80% robot alien fight scenes, 90% lame slapstick jokes (that i laughed at), 5% megan fox and 5% storyline/dialogue. seriously, at one stage of the movie, two robots were fighting in a warehouse, i phased out for a few minutes and the next thing i knew, two different robots were fighting in a forest. and it went for too long and the last about half an hour i had absolutely no idea what was going on, except that they were in egypt and somehow the us army was involved.
seriously though, why do american movies always portray the us army as saving the world? why are they the only country that matters? fucking nationalism. haha, i joke, i joke. please don't shoot me.
megan fox is hot.

post script: i bought my formal ticket yesterdayyyyyyyyy ^-^"

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