Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crazy, crazy dream

It involved me trying to decide what to wear to Soundwave, sitting on a beach, meting my friends blind dad (none of my friends in real life have a blind dad), having someone confess how much they love, and haha I don't remember who it was but somebody's mum was tryng to be 'cool' so she pretended to be me for some estranged reason but I think she was making fun of me, now that I thhink about it.She put on a black beret and a grey tshirt and straightened her hair and started talking about her day"I'm gonna go take photos and then i'm gonna read a book because I have no friends"
me: hey! I have friends!
her: Okay, I'm gonna take photos of my friensd
me: Yeah, that's better
Then for some reason I asked her how many photos she took -to see if she was a legitimate photographer (which ... I don't usually ask people), and she said that she'd taken 16,000 photos that morning, and asked me how many I took. And I thought about it, and I've probably taken thousands.

Then mum came into my bedroom and asked me if I wanted a coffee. Now it's fathers day, I just gave Dad the same thing I give him every year, and we're going out to breakfast at a place that makes really good pancakes :) It's gonna be a good day, I love you dad.

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