Sunday, September 6, 2009

My myspace 'about me'

I'm happy with it, for now at least

I'm Kirsten, I'm sixteen, in year eleven and single. I seem to wear a lot of grey and a lot of scarves and bandanas. I'm as unsure of myself as the next girl, I always feel more comfortable behind the camera than infront of one. I'm always a sucker for a sweet-talker and I'm aware of the fact that at the moment i'm writing the first things that I think of about myself, hoping that eventually I'll be able to sew them together to give you an accurate impression of myself. But the truth is that I could never do that becasue I don't know who I am. Not properly, anyway. I'm constantly surprising myself in the way I feel, act, and even look. I guess the most importatnt thing about my life that I want to communicate is that my life is utterly chaotic and I love it. That and I'm carving out my niche and that I don't intend to stay in this accursed city for much longer.

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