Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The happiest I've been in a while

Was on saturday night when I was sitting on the bottom bunk with
Georgia, and we had sheets hanging down from the top bunk to make a
fort, and we were both reading rip it up, and for some reason botth
pretended to be really excited about reading about the Onion Record
Fair, and then really sad when we realised it had been on that day
already, even though neither of us knew what the Onion Record Fair was.
Then we went into the living room and both pretended to be reverse
claustrophobics who were having panic attacks over being in such a large
space because we were in the quilt tent for so long, and it was really
retarded but really fun, I don't know anyone else who I can act like
that around without worrying that they'll think I'm a complete freak and
haha it's great.
I blog too much.

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