Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Check it out.

"Dear God, When are you going to let all those who believe in you know that you don’t exist? I find it alarming, scary in fact, that so many blindly devote themselves, act on the behalf of, and talk to something that quite clearly doesn’t exist. You’ve kept a firm grip on society through promoting shame, guilt and fear - not of your wrath - but of humanity and life itself. I get that many of us need ’something’ to believe in, I get that. But it’s still very sad to know that a fairy tale has become the biggest prank in history. I’m sorry people, but no matter who or what you act on behalf of, what YOU do in this life still matters. Who you hurt, who you shame, who you love and who you help determines who you are - what you believe is irrelevant - pain, suffering, joy and love are real.

The reason god knows everything you do, is because god IS you! It’s a joke. Don’t you get it?"

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