Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At the end of the day, the only person you'll always have is yourself. Sure, other people might tell you that they love you, they probably even mean it at some point too, but nobody sticks around forever. Husbands and wives divorce each other every day, and they all thought their marriages were forever. Over the course of a life you'll have different friends, different partners, different everything. Even familys change.

So, the only constant you have in your life is you. People say you live until you die, and the way I see it, the only thing constant in your life is that you're alive. And as long as you're alive you're going to be you. So you should look after yourself, have your own back because at the end of the day (the very end of the day, the end of your life, I mean), you're all you have.

That doesn't mean you should act selfishly though. I still believe in treating others as I'd like to be treated, and I can hardly bring myself to abuse anyone, if anything I'm a bit of a doormat. I love my friends and family, I'd do anything for them. I just ... when I'm alone in my bedroom I can't help but feel like I'm the only one I can trust. I don't mind, that though.
So, at least for the night, I give up on everyone and I'm just going to go curl up in bed with a wheatbag and my iPod. Goodnight.

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