Thursday, October 15, 2009

thirty things about me, hah

01: I love Siamese cats, so much
02: I love Max Bemis, so much (but if you didn't know that, you probably aren't paying very much attention)
03: I'm left-handed
04: Getting ready for school in the morning is okay because while I do it I listen to Robbie, Mareke and the Doctor on JJJ
05: I'm half German, my great grandmother used to walk in the Black Forest every morning, and my great uncles fought in WWII
06: I'm already running out of things to say
07: I need glasses but I hardly ever wear them in public
08: I've been bitten with the travel bug
09: I can't stand having long fingernails, and I always look trashy with black or red nail polish
10: I don't believe in God
11: I really love seeing movies at the Rundle Street cinemas
12: My favourite type of date is probably dinner and a movie
13: I prefer winter over summer, and one day I wanna live in England
14: I'm not certain of anything, but I wouldn't have it any other way
15: English is the only subject I get A's in
16: My hair is naturally blonde and curly
17: People who haven't seen me for a few years generally don't recognise me
18: I like the smell of hair-dye, and the smell of a sauna
19: My first celebrity crushes were Harry Potter and Jesse McCartney
20: I don't really like myself
21: There are certain things I won't want to talk to you about
22: Jokes about suicide, homosexuality or Nazis will not be appreciated
23: I'm getting my braces off on November 11, I was meant to have them off in May
24: I don't really like many people, but that doesn't mean I'm not a nice person
25: I like karma
26: I like long, hot showers or baths
27: I love being cosy
28: I like spending time with my friends, but I also like going off by myself and doing what I want
29: I keep to myself at school
30: I already know where I want to live- in the loungeroom there's a feature wall that's exposed brick, one of the walls in the hallway is entirely made up with bookcase, there's lots of mementos everywhere, a slanted roof and Max Bemis in the bed.

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